Time Management – Skills, Strategies and Benefits

You need to work smarter and not harder to extract the maximum productivity out of it. One needs to be productive and this can come by “Time Management.”

Time Management

It is the process of organizing and planning the time to perform various activities of the day to get the maximum result.


Everybody on this earth has 24 hours in a day, time is precious but still, you find some people always cribbing about the less time he or she has, whereas, some people enjoying the work along with personal life.

Time management organizes the activities of social, family, personal, office, study, commitments, health, exercise to meet each type of demand in a day.

You find some people always busy on laptops whereas, some people taking time for their health too. The answer to these lies in good time management.



Simple is the definition, harder and difficult is to manage time in today’s busy schedule. However, Time Management if done has huge enormous benefits in professional and personal life. some of the benefits are:

    • Increased efficiency
    • Increased productivity in Business/ Job/ Studies etc
    • Greater reputation in Offices/ Schools/Colleges etc
    • Increased chance of promotion
    • Less mind stress
    • Better personal life
    • Better mental and physical health

The Principles:

The main principle of time management is recognizing the thin difference between “Important and Urgent.”

An Urgent task demands immediate attention whether it requires full attention or not,

but an important task means something which requires full attention and not doing may result in a loss.

How to do?

One may use various tools, techniques, and skills to finish the task within the stipulated date. The mainframe of doing time management is:

  • Create a conducive environment around you to increase effectiveness.
  • Set your daily priorities time wise
  • Make To-Do-List
  • Reduce the time spent on non-productive activities.
  • Remain calm
  • Avoid multitasking
  • Incentives to ensure compliance with time-related deadlines

The Matrix:

The priority matrix helps to organize the task and reduce the workload both at the office, college or at home. Place your tasks in the appropriate categories.

The Time Management Matrix




is the



Action: Do First Do Next
Action: Do Later No Action: Don’t Do
How urgent is the Task?


Time is precious and it is important to be focused and purposeful in life. Here are the best ten time management strategies that are essential for effective and productive time management:

  1. Know your goal: Be well aware of your short and long-term goals of the present and future to ensure the profitability of your business.
  2. Jot down “To do the task” in your daily planner: First thing in the morning that is to be done is jotting down the “to do task” in your daily planner priority wise and work accordingly.
  3. Prioritize your work in the priority matrix grid: Categorize your work in the priority grid and act accordingly. You have to finish those works first that are high in urgency and high in importance.
  4. Learn to say “No” to unproductive works: Time is precious and just say no without hesitation to those works that are unproductive and not in your priority list.
  5. Clean your desk before leaving for the day: This will help you to start with a fresh mind on the next day.
  6. Avoid addiction of Smartphone: Smartphone is useful but at the same time an addiction that can waste your time for hours. Learn to use the phone wisely.
  7. Avoid distractions: Check those things that distract you from productive work. With your willpower, learn to avoid them.
  8. Delegate work: You should delegate the daily operational work to your employees and start spending in strategic thinking to make your business grow at a faster rate.
  9. Track your productive time- Use mobile apps or time tracker sheets online weekly to track your productive time spent.
  10. Keep yourselves physically fit: Do exercises regularly and take full 8 hours of sleep to keep your mind and body fresh and fit.

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