Short Story About Friendship

Short Story About Friendship

Friendship is a gift from God to us. Presenting a short story about the friendship of two friends Jony and John a motivational friendship story with morals.

Short Story On Friendship

Short Story About Friendship

In a small village, there used to be two friends whose age is 5 and 10. Both lived on the same street. The name of 5 years old is Jony and 10 years old is John.

They became friends by chance, but their friendship has grown stronger day by day by their choice. They started doing all the things together like playing, eating, sleeping and even roaming.

Jony is smarter than John but John is stronger than Jony. Jony is very lean and thin and the opposite is John. One day they were playing hide and seek.

Running one after another both entered the forest which is near to the village. They engaged in their game and didn’t notice that they were in the forest.

Suddenly John was slipped into the pit while running. John started shouting asking for help. Jony immediately ran to John.

Short Story About Friendship - slipped into the pit

without wasting even a minute he brought a rope nearby and gave it’s one end to John and asked him to hold. Jony tried for hours together to pull John from the pit.

He was not given up and keep trying with the help of another end of the rope. Finally, after trying for 3 hours John came out of the pit. Both the friends hugged each other, cried and smiled then started towards home.

We can say that their friendship is strong. You may think that this is the end of the story but the real story started now. Parents of Jony and John getting tensed that their children are not there.

All the neighbors started searching for children all over the village. Children are nowhere found and people started getting worried about the children as it is getting dark outside.

Jony and John arrived in the village and people started shouting about their whereabouts. Parents hugged their children and asked them where did they go.

John started saying the whole thing that had happened in the forest. No one in the crowd believed their words.

Short Story About Friendship -crowd

One person asked Jony that ” you short boy, how you can help a person who is double your size and weight?”

Then Jony confidently replied, ” with the help of rope”.

Again Jony’s mother asked the same question to him, he replied the same. John’s father shouted at both Jony and John and scolded them saying that “.

Don’t tell stories to us, you have done enough drama stop all these nonsense and never repeat.” Jony tried to talk, but no one is ready to listen.

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Than a Saint nearby came near to the crowd and listened to children carefully. People said that children are living, but Siant who listened to everything said: ” whatever children saying is absolutely true”.

A woman in the crowd who strongly believes in Saint asked: ” how baba, how Jony can take John from the pit, Jony is only 5 years?”

Short Story About Friendship - The Saint

Saint replied, ” Jony is able to help John only because-  THERE IS NO ONE NEAR HIM TO SAY YOU CANNOT DO IT, EVEN HIS HEART”. Then everyone in the crowd felt ashamed of their behavior and left the place.

So, the thing about this story is there are two things that will stop you from reaching your goal. One is people around you who say ” You Cannot do it…” and the other is “You – yourself.”

First, belief in yourself, there is nothing you cannot do yourself. Everything is possible in this world if you have strong determination.

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Never feel that you don’t have the capability to do things because you never know what wonders you can make.


Never listen to the people who discourage you because they will keep quiet once you achieved your Goal. So, be strong and do work hard because hard work Leads to Success.

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