Sad Love Story That Makes You Cry

This is a super sad true love story of Satvika, Maya, and Sachin. True Love never ever dies so without wasting time, Let’s read whats happened.

Sad Love Story

Satvika just picked up Maya and drove the bike faster to drop her at the temple. Sachin had told her to bring his girlfriend fast so that he could make her, his wife as soon as possible.

How can Satvika turn down him? He was the only one whom she loved from her heart. Or still, loves? How can Satvika ignore Sachin? She just can’t. So here she is, riding on a bike with his would-be bride.

The story started around 4 years ago. When Satvika saw Sachin for the first time in their college, standing clueless about which classroom to go. she started loving Sachin from the very first day of her college life.

She was the one who showed him the way towards the classroom for first year B.Tech Mechanical Engineering. Satvika was a tomboyish girl from the childhood days.

Everyone used to tease her and remind her that she was not the girl who is desired by everyone. But Satvika only knew that she needs to be strong enough to support her family.

fell-in-love with each other

Fell in LOVE with Each Other

But Sachin was not among the people who used to make the joke of her. He admired her for her strength.  And they slowly fell in love with each other.

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Satvika and Sachin both were passionate about Mechanical Engineering. And the biggest thing which bound them together that they both came from a lower middle-class family.

But there was a girl in the first year Information Technology department, her name is  Maya. She was kind of an obsessive lover of Sachin.

Maya is a spoilt brat of a rich man and she got everything in her life even before she asked for it. Now she wanted Sachin. Satvika and Sachin were about to tell their parents about their 3 years’ long relationship.

But then Sachin lost his father. His father was the only source of income from his family. And now Sachin needed a job badly to look after everyone.

heart touching sad love story - looking for job

Sachin Love Satvika

So he badly needed a job in their upcoming placements but he could not concentrate a little. It also affected the relationship between Sachin and Satvika.

Sachin could not bag a single job offer in the placements. And Satvika also lost her confidence in life and tried hard to comfort Sachin.

But her career also got affected. Maya grabbed the opportunity of the vulnerability of Sachin and she pestered her father.

Offer him a job with a handsome salary structure in his company. And Sachin was trapped by the emotions of his family and the evil planning of Maya.

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So Satvika is here with Maya who wanted to marry Sachin at the temple before their formal big fat wedding. Because she wanted to make sure that Sachin cannot change his mind anymore.

Satvika dropped her at the temple and came back to park the bike. At that time, a truck hit Satvika and she was thrown away a few feet. She was having her ex-boyfriend’s face in her mind before she fell unconscious.

truck accident

Heart Touching Sad Love Story

Satvika woke up at the hospital. Sachin was holding her hand tightly and sleeping beside her. She felt severe pain in her stomach and head.

She flinched a little and Sachin also woke up. “What are you doing here?” Asked Satvika. “I should ask you that instead.” Replied Sachin. “Where is Maya?” Satvika asked with concern. “

I called off the wedding and I cannot do it. Don’t love her, I love you.” “My time has come to an end Sachin. I’m not going to be there anymore.

You won’t be able to be alone. Please marry her. Save yourself and your family.” Said Satvika.

Sachin thought that Satvika told the truth so easily which he could not believe. Doctors told him already that Satvika will not be able to return to home ever.

Her brain injury is very deep. She is going to die. Satvika could not even make it to the next day. She died at night. But before that.

she died

She Died at Night – Sad Love Story

She took the promise from Sachin that he will marry Maya and start his life in a new way. Sachin indeed married Maya and started a new journey.

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But only for the sake of his family and the promise made to Satvika on her death bed. But still, the love of his life was Satvika.

Her memory was so fresh that he could see her taking him to the first year B.Tech Mechanical Engineering classroom on the very first day in college.

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