Leadership Inspirational Story

Read the short story on leadership with morals. How a girl takes responsibility and handles the leadership of her own life and Overcomes it. True Leader is a follow itself and Being positive in a negative situation is true Leadership.

leadership inspirational story

Being positive in a Negative Situation is Leadership

“Do you guys even have your eyes or you have lost it as I did with my legs?” said Maria. The doctors startled by her shrilly voice. They were quite astonished to hear her powerful voice somehow.

But she is like that only from the day she had lost her leg in the car accident while she was coming back from the office pool service.

Everyone else in the office had small injuries but she was going through her hard times alone. And then she decided that she will be the leader of her own life and also she won’t let her inability to come in between her work.

Maria was always serious about her work. She used to come early to the office and go late. But she had two reasons to lose the chance of getting promoted.

One being a woman and the other one is her disability.  She used to get bullied in a silent way and used to receive a lot of sympathetic eyes just because of her legs.

She was also going through depression regarding this. Because previously she was voted as the cutest girl in the office; Maria could not take that her cuteness totally washed away by an accident in her life.

Her life came to a halt from where she could not see any way to get out of it. All the lessons she used to give others about depression failed when she herself needed it.

Leadership Inspirational Story

Leadership Inspirational Story

One day she was browsing her internet unmindfully and her eyes fell on a site where they were doing a crash course on Leadership skills.

She thought to herself that she is now a physically challenged person and she doesn’t have any right to be the leader of anyone along with her inability.

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But somehow she flipped through the web pages quite curiously. And became shocked about the new perspective of life stated in front of her.

Maria read, ‘Leadership is not about commanding, it is about following the instinct. And anyone can do this, anyone.’

She was so moved by the quote and that she started taking a sheer interest in the course more and more. She realized that leadership is being a leader or leader is nothing to do with body parts.

leadership is being a leader

Leadership is Being a Leader

It all lies in her heart and mind. When she will be able to be the leader of her own heart and mind, she will be a true leader eventually.

And she can help herself only. No one can bring her up. She has to rise all by herself. And that is the time when she started feeling powerful from inside.

The next day in the office, people started to experience a new avatar of Maria. She came out of her cocoon somehow and she started to deal with the problems she faced instead of going away with it.

Maria didn’t feel inferior when people bullied her or undermined her. She even felt superior that she is that important that people are taking their time out from the busy schedule for the sake of bullying her.

And also Maria didn’t confront them either, instead, she started solving the problem calmly. Maria dissolved some silly problems in the team which was not even be dealt with by the team leader itself.

And somehow she gained the necessary attention. Ultimately her boss recognized her cool and calm mind to be a leader instead of her being a woman or a physically challenged person.

Story on Leadership - calm mind

Story on Leadership with Moral

He got the vibe that she can be the perfect leader for the team. And now here she is. Quarreling with the staff in the hospital who are refusing her colleague to admit because of some unknown annoying reason.

Maria believes that a leader has to be one who is behind its army always. So she is always with her ‘team’ whenever they need her irrespective of the problem type.

That is the duty of a true leader. Isn’t it? To always give support along with making things work out.

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