Krishna Janmashtami 2019

Krishna Janmashtami is also very popular as Krishnashtami or Gokulashtami. It is a Hindu festival, celebrating the birth of Krishna, And it is celebrated with great fervor and zeal in India during the monsoon month.

Krishna Janmashtami 2019

And It is also celebrated in many other countries across the world. This year Janmashtami is celebrated on Saturday 24 August 2019.

Krishna Janmashtami Meaning

Janmashtami means “The birth of the eighth day” because Krishna is the eighth child of Vasudeva and Yashoda. Lord Krishna is one of the most powerful human incarnations of the Lord Vishnu.

Who took birth on Earth at midnight on the 8th day (Ashtami) of the month of Bhadra-Pad. Krishna was born in the Rohini Nakshatra.

Janmashtami Shubh Muhurt

Janmashtami celebrates this year on 24 August 2019. Nishiti puja of Janmashtami will start at 12:01 Am to 12:45 AM, on 25 August  2019. Total Shubh Muhurt duration will be 44 mints.

Janmashtami Paaran shubh muhurt start after 5:54 Am on 25 August 2019. Fast will start after ASTAMI tithi.

Krishna Janmashtami in Mathura

Lord Krishna was born in Mathura, in a prison in the custody of Uncle king Kansa. It was an era of chaos, where there was a threat to his life by his uncle King Kansa.

He was the son of Devaki and Vasudeva biologically. But Immediately after the birth of Krishna, his father Vasudeva took baby Krishna.

And across the Yamuna River in a stormy night and passed on his child to a friend named Nand and Yashoda and becomes the foster parents to Lord Krishna, to save the child from the evil hands of Kansa.

Krishna Janmashtami in Mumbai

In Mumbai, this festival is very popular as Govinda or Dahi handi; where pots containing buttermilk are suspending high over streets.

Govinda or Dahi handi 2019

And the team of boys form human pyramids and try to reach and break the pots and competing against each other to see which team can break the most pots.

This event is an imitation of Krishna’s childhood play with the cowherd boys when they stole the curds hung out of reach by their mothers.

Celebration of Lord Krishna Birth

Celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth will be incomplete without Raslila (Dance Drama). In this, extremely popular and joyful drama incidents from Lord Krishna’s life; are enacted in the form of dance.

Ever since he took birth on earth in human form; he is worshipped by the people as a god-child; an adorable prankster, a charming lover, a spiritual guide, and the principal power.

The incarnation of Lord Krishna signifies the end of all darkness and the eradication of the evil from the earth and Restore ‘Dharma’ in times when his uncle, Kansa, was making lives of the people miserable.

Ten Name of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is very famous for his other ten name, Vaasudevaya means Son Of Vasudev, Devaki Nandanaya means Son Of Mother Devaki.

Govinda means One Who Pleases The Cows, Govardhanachalo means Lifter Of Govardhan Hill,  Bhishma Mukti Pradayakaya means One Who Bestowed Salvation To Bhishma.

Vedavedyaya means Source Of Vedas, Brajesha means kind of Braja, Kunj Bihari means enjoyer of lakes, Keshav means long and beautiful hairs.

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