Short Inspirational Story With Moral

Some time try is better than cry, no one will help you in life, this is a Short Inspirational Story With Moral, how realized and come back to depression and achieved the goal of life.

Inspirational Story With Moral

Let’s Start

Another forced resignation. The same story played again in Shriya’s life. After submitting the clearance letter, she came out of the office quickly.

She doesn’t want the sight of the place anymore. The place where she was humiliated for the last 6 months. This job was not good for her. 

But somehow it was a dream job to her as she always wanted to be a designer. And the world does not accept a woman in this kind of role in Mechanical Engineering sector.

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But her story started from the very first day at the office when she got this job and her whole world changed. But the sector was totally different. IT sector, as people say.

In the very first month of the final year, Shriya got placed in an MNC from her college placement. Keeping in mind about the placement scenario of the country.

It was quite an achievement for her. Her parents were so happy that they started dreaming about the upcoming journey of their daughter.

Because they almost put all of their savings to educate her. And she finally joined the company and found her freedom there. And the world started to change beneath her feet.

happy girl in office

Try is better Than Cry

She started enjoying all the traits of being a self-dependent girl. And soon she just went with the flow of the new city and new life. But her career started sinking.

Soon she realized that the city is taking away all the good things from her instead of giving her something. She was losing her confidence, Har balance of life, her career.

She was losing herself. And then she lost her job after a lot of struggle against the people who grew a good amount of politics against her unnecessarily. And she was back to square one.

She Lost Her Job

She Lost Her Job After a Lot of Struggle

Her painful journey started and she was all alone in it. Her parents were with her but she has to live life in a different city alone. She started new job hunting but it was all in vain.

She returned to her hometown. Depression was her companion all the time. She used to search for jobs for a few days and then again go for a few weeks of depression.

She lost all of her confidence to gain anything out of life anymore. One day she went to a park to spend some time outside her house after her mother insisted her to do so.

There she saw a child who was trying to walk. And he was getting failed again and again. But that small child didn’t stop himself even for a minute. He kept trying to walk on his own.

He was totally convinced that if he tries for another one time then he will be able to walk like elder people. So he kept trying.

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Shriya thought she also must be doing this in her childhood like any other child. She started thinking that people become lazy after they grow up.

There is nothing call depression and their childhood. If they fail in anything they used to try without thinking twice.

But now it is easier to be in depression rather than trying the heart out. She was very moved by the simple deed of the small child.

And she ran back home as soon as possible to do something with her life immediately and come out of depression once for all.

come out of depression

Inspirational Story With Moral

Now Shriya is an investment banker in a very well known form with all the traits of life reserved. After that day in the park, she didn’t stop herself anymore and kept trying like that child.

Her career graph increase after that and everything changes. She walked so many miles to reach her destination. Maybe her line of work totally changed.

But she made her career so strong that even she hustles cannot break it ever. And she promised herself that beat, whatever happens, she will keep trying in her life forever.

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