Inspirational Short Story About Life

Everyone has their own perception towards life. Read Short Inspirational Story About Life how Father and Son. Father who taught a lesson to his son about True Value of Life.

Unsold Stone and Kid - Inspirational Short Story About Life

Once Upon a Time, a little boy went to his Father and asked, “Dad, What’s the true value of our life?” The Father gave him a Beautiful and Stunning stone and said-

“Go to the market and find out the value of this stone, but don’t ever try to sell it at any price.” The boy took the stunning stone and Walked towards the market.

Firstly, he found Vegetable Seller. He went in front of Seller and ask the Vegetable Seller “what its prize would be?” The Vegetable Seller saw the stunning stone and said, “Take ten sack of Vegetable and sell the stone to me.”

The boy said, “Sorry Uncle, I can’t sell it to you, because my Father has told me not to sell this at any prize.”, Once again sorry.” He left the Vegetable Seller and walked ahead.

Next, he found a big Cloth Shop. He went into the cloth shop and he asked the Cloth Owner – “What could be the Prize of this stone?”

Inspirational Short Story About Life - Vegetable Shop

Inspirational Short Story About Life

The Cloth Seller saw the stunning stone and said, “You can take 100 matters of clothes and sell it to me the stone.” The boy said Sorry to the Cloth seller and said: “I can’t sell it to you.”

Then he left the Cloth owner and Next he went into a Jeweler’s Shop and asked the Jeweler “What’s the Prize of this stone.”

The Jeweler saw the stone under his magnifying lens machine and said: “Young Boy, I can pay you 1000 dollars for this stunning stone;” But The boy again said to Jeweler “Uncle, I am so sorry.

I can’t sell it to you.” That Jeweler said to the Boy, “If you want, I can give you one more diamond set along with 1000 dollars and Give me.”

That Young boy said to the Jeweler, everything that he has gone through his Father and he answer to the Jeweler “Still Uncle, I can’t sell the stone to you.”

And he Left to the Jeweler’s Shop and Next he saw an antics stone’s shop and went to his shop and Ask the seller “What’s the value of this stone.”

Inspirational Short Story About Life - Antics Shop

Inspirational Short Story About Life

When the antics stone’s seller saw the Stone; Within Few Second Antics stone’s sellers, recognized that it’s Very Rich and Prize less Poudretteite.

He lay down a Black cloth and put the Poudretteite on black cloth. Then he inspected all around the Poudretteite after that he nails down and touched his forehead to the Poudretteite. 

And said to the Boy “Young boy, from where did you get this stunning and Beautiful Poudretteite?”

The Boy explained everything that went through to his Father. The antics stone’s seller heard everything and Said to The boy “Sir Even if we sell President’s House or Even this whole planet, I won’t be able to Buy this Poudretteite.”

Then the boy went back home with the lots of Stunned and confused; the boy went to his Father and told him everything that had happened to him.

And the boy asked: “Now, tell me what is the true value of life, Father?” Father smiled and said, “You got your answer from all the sellers, like from Cloth Seller, from Vegetable Seller, from Jewelers & the finally Antics shop explain the value of our life…

Maybe you are a priceless stone, even dam valuable like Poudretteite, but people will judge you based on their personal opinion, their own level of information and knowledge.

their own beliefs in you, their motive behind entertaining you, their ambition, their risk-taking ability & ultimately their caliber. So don’t fear yourself, you will surely find someone who will recognize the true value of your life.”

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Moral of the story: – “Please Respect yourself. Don’t think too much about yourself. You are Rare, Unique, Original and the only one of your kind. So value your life and keep smiling.”

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