How to Quit Smoking Simply in 7 Steps?

We all know that smoking is bad for health, but there are people who, even after knowing this fact smoke anyway. However, I used to wonder that there have to be some reasons behind opting for this bad addiction.

How to Quit Smoking Simply in 7 Steps

Now, I know that after a certain point of time this habit of smoking makes people get addicted to it. Moreover, this addiction is one of the worst.

considering it is difficult for people to get rid of it. Well, there are many ways an individual can overcome this addiction. However, to be honest, they are not as easy as they may seem.

Also, this doesn’t mean one can’t quit smoking, but you need proper knowledge for doing so. In this post, we’ll talk about 7 simple ways to help you quit smoking.

Let’s dive in:

1. Be Strategic in terms of Quit Smoking

You can’t achieve things without a proper strategy, and the same is the case with quitting this habit of smoking. You need to layout a proper plan.

Be Strategic in terms of Quit Smoking

For instance, if you find yourself not able to quit smoking in one go, set a time period of a few days. This time period should be according to your comfort and can be anywhere from 3 days to a month or more.

Once you follow this plan successfully, you’ll realize that slowly and gradually you are losing the urge to smoke. Well, this is because you will be breaking some old brain patterns.

Which end up resulting in breaking a habit or addiction. Also, you will be making new patterns. In order to be successful, you should increase the duration considerably.

2. Identify and avoid triggers

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that there are times when you feel like smoking only because you encountered a trigger.

Identify and avoid triggers

A trigger can be anything that induces the urge to smoke in you. For some people, it’s looking at other individuals smoking, and for some people it’s stress. Whatever your trigger might be, you should avoid those.

Avoiding triggers is not extremely difficult, you just need to identify what triggers you and avoid them. You can see the improvement if you follow this step properly.

3. Understand to quit smoking

This is one of the most underrated tips that experts give individuals to quit smoking. People don’t clearly realize that things don’t actually work until you make your mind.

The impact it has over their brains in the form of relief to the feeling of stress or anxiousness, etc. Making your mind for something is the very first thing to do in order to achieve a goal.

You need to make yourself understand that smoking is doing no good for you and your family. It is just wasting your money and damaging your body.

4. Consider using quit smoking aid

If you, at any step of your quitting program feel that it is becoming more difficult for you, then you can seek help from quit smoking aids.

You can find quit smoking aids like gum, the patch, and inhaler or prescription meds like Chantix or Zyban to help you in your quitting journey.

Moreover, these agents are really effective but you shouldn’t start using any of these without expert advice. At first, make certain that opt for a consultation with a registered doctor.

5. Be with someone

Things are difficult for you if you are alone, the same is the case with trying to quit smoking. You would have time when you would feel like it’s getting difficult for you.

These are the times when you need a companion. A companion can be anyone that stays around with you in this habit If you really want to see results immediately.

Be with someone

You should start this quitting session with a friend or someone close to you. The feeling of having someone around can help you a lot in getting rid of this habit.

6. Delaying is the key

If at any point of time you ever feel like it’s going way out of hand and you need to smoke, try to delay your urge. Set a specific delay time period.

For instance, say to yourself that you can wait for 10 more minutes. This way you are working on your will power to help you with your habit.

If you can’t do it, go to a place where you can’t smoke, for instance, a public park. You can also avoid going to the shop where you buy your pack of cigarettes.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t work if you are not doing anything else to quit smoking, and you should use the tip as a compliment to other tips.

7. Get physical

People don’t find the fact relevant that doing exercise of following a healthy routine can actually help them with quit smoking.

There are several scientific types of research that establish the fact that if you exercise, this decreases the chances of your smoking.

You just need to understand your urge, and how you can actually counter that urge. Try doing 10 minutes of exercise every time you feel the urge to smoke.

This will not only help you to control your urge but also with staying fit.

Bonus: You can seek online support

It’s much better to seek help from those who are in your position. Those people who know how you feel can help you better than anyone else. For these purposes, many online forums have come to help people quit smoking.

Also, you can go to the internet and you’ll find that there are numerous websites and forums. They are constantly helping people to get rid of the habit of smoking.

Final thoughts on Quit Smoking

If you are looking for effective ways to deal with a bad habit such as smoking, the above-listed tips can surely help you.

However, you need to remember a few things, for instance, you can’t achieve this in one go, and failing at it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

The most important key is to keep trying, and one day you’ll find that you have reached far away from this habit of smoking.

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