Holi 2020 & Holika Dahan Muhurat, Story, and Celebrate in India

Holi is the festival of colors and people celebrate this festival throughout India in several different ways. It has some mythological significance as well as happiness.

Indian Festival - Holi 2020

This is the day on which everyone plays with colors and a lot of enjoyment awaits for them. Every year people get to prepare for this big day with the utmost care and they forget each and every stress from their mind on the occasion.

The different states of India celebrate Holi in so many different ways and they are really unique in nature. Here we have listed five places in India who celebrate Holi in a very unique manner.

Holika Dahan 2020 Date and Muhurat

This year Holika Dahan is on the 9th of March 2020 and Rang Panchami is on the 10th of March 2020.

Holika Dahan Muhurat – 9th March 2020 starts from 18:22 and ends at 20:49. Bhadra Punchha is from 09:37 to 10:38 and Bhadra Mukha – 10:38 to 12:19.

Rang Panchami (Rangwali Holi) – 10th March Purnima Tithi Begins – 03:03 (9th March) Purnima Tithi Ends – 23:16.

Holika Dahan Story

Holika was the sister of Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad was Son. Hiranyakashyap was Asura and claims god himself. Holika was fireproof and Hiranyakasyap asks her to sit in the fire with Prahlad and burn the Him.

Prahlad was a die heart devotee of Lord Visnu and Lord Visnu saved Prahlad from fire and Holika was born in fire. From here Holika Dahan tradition started in Noth India.

LathMar Holi in Uttar Pradesh

Barsna village in Uttar Pradesh celebrates Holi in a very interesting way. The region of Mathura and Vrindavan also comes under this.

Lathmar Holi

And this is called Lathmar Holi. On this occasion not only the colors people also use sticks as a prop. The woman takes the stakes and drives away from the men on this day and the whole occasion goes crazy behind it.

Men also come prepared regarding this day and they Shield themselves with props. This is very popular throughout India and known as Lathmar Holi season.

Dhol Jatra in West Bengal

In West, Bengal Holi is celebrated through the Way of Dol Jatra. And in Shantiniketan, the Basant Utsav is also celebrated on this occasion in which the cultural festival, as well as the playing with colors, is done.

Holi - Dol Jatra

In West Bengal, there are some pujas also celebrated on this location and there are some mythological facts behind this festival there.

Bengali people get really crazy about Holi at that time of the year. And they enjoy there heart out on the occasion and the whole West Bengal become colorful on that day.

Shigmo in Goa

Goa has its own flavor in terms of festivals and on the occasion of Holi, they celebrate Shigmo very enthusiastically. It is the festival full of the cultural flavors in it and all the people do Street dancing and singing on this day.


Even tourists also participate in those sometimes and they welcome everyone heartily. The people in Goa have punched the colorful festival with a very cultural twist.

It is loved by all the people who have ever been there at the time of this occasion. And sometimes tourists even plan their trip to go at this time just to be the weakness of the traditional folk culture of Goa.

Yaosang in Manipur

At the time of Holi Manipur state celebrates this location over there festivals Yaosang. It is continuous about 6 days starting from the day of the full moon and continuing after that.


The rituals of this festival are a mixture of Hindu mythological beliefs and some folk culture of Manipur and in this occasion, some Manipur folk dance performances happen.

People who have ever witnessed it cannot deny that it has a nice flavor of folk culture and it. as the cherry on the cake, they also use color to make the occasion more vibrant.

Phagwua in Bihar

The last but not the least state in this list is Bihar and Holi is like a synonym of Bihar in terms of the enthusiasm in the mind of people. They celebrate with the name of Phagwua and do a lot of ritual before pure entertainment.


It is very important to write the Holika pyre before starting the celebration. Then they start their celebration with a lot of color and Bhang with it. And Bihar is a state where holistic and really very seriously and celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.


So this was our list of five states in India. Who celebrate Holi in a very unique way among themselves and sometimes.

Today’s also get really curious to know this and join them in their celebration. Without any hesitation and that is the most beautiful part of Indian culture.

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