Heart Touching Love Story

The best thing to spend on relationships is Time, Conversation, Understanding & most important honesty. No one wants a fight or misunderstanding. This is a Heart Touching Love Story of Steve and Leigh.

Heart Touching Love Story

It was the summer of 2008 and here our love story started… Steve was returning to his home after a profuse practice session in the nets. He was the best player in his country’s cricket team.

It was hot outside but he still went to practice. When he was outside the stadium, he waved at a taxi and, The taxi drove up to him. As soon as he was getting inside some other girl also sat in the taxi at the same time.

She was Leigh. She didn’t notice Steve and that was the condition with Steve as well. They both at a simultaneous tone said, “9th Street Avenue. Please..!”

After the scene Leigh started to apologize and asked Steve could he used another cab because she was going for a Very Important Interview at a law firm which was the 9th Street Avenue.

Going for Interview

Going for an interview

It was pretty close to where Steve used to live. It was a hot afternoon as there were not many vacant taxis around, so they both decided to share it with the place.

They didn’t interact in the cab so well. When they reached the place. Leigh thanked him and bid him goodbye. The next morning Steve left for practice as usual.

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The day was hectic and moreover, it was the heat of the sun that made things worse. When he was walking down the lane to his house he ran into Leigh.

She recognized him and thanked him once again. She said that she got the job and the credit goes to you. Eventually, She asked him to go out for a Cup of Coffee and Steve couldn’t say a “no.”

Heart Touching Love Story - Coffee

Short Heart Touching Love Story

They went to the nearest coffee shop and had a good interaction. Steve asked about her job and what else was she into. The conversation went on for a while until it was time for Leigh to leave for her work…

Steve came to know that Leigh worked at the law firm which was just below the apartment in which he lives. He was kind of happy to have an acquaintance like Leigh.

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Days passed by and both of them used to bump into each other several times. Each time they got closer to each other. One day Steve asked her to be his date.

She said yes and they start to date each other for quite some time. Both are fell in love with each other. They used to spend their leisure time almost together.

spend their leisure time almost together

Heart Touching Love Stories in English

Meanwhile, Leigh was advancing very high in her career and also Got a very good offer to shift to Sydney, Australia. Practice law in one of the best firms in the country.

She asked about it to Steve. To which he was very happy..! and said Leigh to grab the opportunity first. Leigh went to Sydney but they were in contact with each other through Emails and Phone calls because true love never dies!

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Steve was there at Cardiff and was dreaming of a future in the field of Cricket. He also got a call to play for his Country which he earned it. He went on to play the internationals.

Leigh and Steve didn’t get time to talk to each other. There was a lot of miscommunication and these went on to be the reason for big fights.

They both decided to break up with this thing. But they didn’t have the guts to do so. Once Steve was there in Australia on a tour for 3 months. He had a long stretch of matches in these months.

He was never under the impression to meet Leigh on his tour. But destiny demanded something different. There was again a summery afternoon and they both met in front of the stadium.

Where Leigh was there to witness the match. Steve got out from the bus and was walking down the hallway where Leigh yield out his name and, They both ran and hugged each other.

Heart Touching Love Story - Hugged Each Other

Heart Touching Love Story

They felt the same old Love between them. After the match, they met and sorted things out. At the present time, they both are at Cardiff with their own coffee bar along the street enjoying life with each other.

On that day they made a decision to pursue their careers in the same city and be together forever. That decision made them the happiest couple in the whole world.


The best thing to spend on relationships is time, conversation, understanding & honesty. No one wants a fight or misunderstanding.

As seen with Steve & Leigh misunderstanding occurred because of the communication gap between them. They didn’t get time to focus on their relationship because of their career was on a peak high.

The hard part was that Steve and Leigh had recently started dating each other. The relationship was new & too fragile to face any relationship test.

If someone truly loves each other, you don’t have to worry about separating for a few years. Instead of worrying about career & love, think of ways to make it work better.

But here, fortunately, Steve was on a tour for 3 months in Australia where Leigh was pursuing her career. And one day luckily Leigh gave him a surprise visit to watch his match. And they both fell in love once again & decided to stay together in the same city forever happily.

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