Good Friday 2019

Everyone must have heard about “Good Friday”, but do u really know why it is called. So let’s discuss the significance of Good Friday.

Good Friday

Good Friday Meaning

According to The Holy Bible, Jesus  Christ was crucified & died on the cross at Calvary and This was Friday so it is called Good Friday and this year on the 19th of April 2019.

In some countries, it’s also known as Holy Friday or Black Friday And this day is very important for all Christians.

He sacrificed his life for our sin, for every human being showing his selfless love for his people. Because of Jesus Christ’s death, people will not have to suffer eternally for their sins.

Jesus by the Roman soldiers

On that day, Jesus Christ was tortured very brutally by the Roman soldiers. He was beaten up, whipped publicly, he was mocked down & people spat on him.

Easter 2019

A crown of thorns was put on Jesus Christ’s head to degrade him. His clothes were stripped off. When Jesus Christ was thirsty the Roman soldiers forcefully gave him a mixture of sour vinegar to drink.

After all tortures and punishment, He was then crucified along with two other criminals. And The final wound was on the Jesus Christ; which was pierced by the Lance of Longinus to make sure that he was dead.

Indian Festival Holi 2019

On this day Jesus Christ was crucified & was tied & nailed by the wrist & feet to a large wooden cross & was left to die. That is why a cross is often used as a symbol in the Christian faith.

Good Friday Morning

This day is spent in Fasting, in prayers & repentance on the suffering of Jesus Christ & also spent in mourning on the death of Jesus Christ. For repentance, people keep fasting for 40 days which is also known as Lent.

Good Friday Praying and fastingGood Friday Praying and fasting

In some churches, there are no flowers, no pictures, the alter, the statue & the cross are drapped in black to represent mourning.

Many Christians also refuse to eat meat on this day. In some churches, they also have 3 hours of adoration service which starts from 3 pm.

Indian Festival Diwali

because according to the scriptures Jesus was placed on the cross at 9 am and when the darkness covered the land from noon until Jesus’s death at 3 pm.

So this 3 hours service includes hymns, prayers & sermons from the Holy Bible… Followed by the Mass. Processions are organized by the churches around the world to educate people & draw their attention to this day.

The death of Jesus symbolizes his love & forgiveness for all mankind’s sins, with Jesus taking the ultimate sacrifice for the good of all humans across the world.

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