Father Son Inspirational Story

You must think about your parents once. As they are the ones who have sacrificed their life for you. They are the only ones who do everything without expecting anything, read father son Inspirational Story.

Father Son Inspirational Story

Once upon a time in a village, there lived a small boy named Varun. Varun lost his mother when he was 10 years old. After his mother died, He used to live with His father and take care of him as he was very old.

Varun’s father worked very hard each and every day on the farm to fulfill the need for his Son Varun. He used to love his son very much.

And because of the hard work of Varun’s father, luckily Varun got the opportunity for higher studies. As Varun was an intelligent boy, He studied very well and got placed in one of the best MNC companies in the Town.

Varun had to take his father along with him because of his illness. Varun’s father who was very self-dependent and used to work very hard did not want to rely on his son and get depend on him.

heart touching stories of parents love

Heart Touching Story – Father and Son

But his relatives and well-wishers convinced him to go along with his son and stay with him. After a few days, Varun’s father who was already ill-got more sick day by day.

Varun took care of his father’s health and served all the things which were necessary for him. Varun started thinking that day by day his own personal and individual life, which he was unhappiness and stress.

He started ignoring his father, as he was not any more happy to be with his father and take care of him. Varun’s father started noticing the change in his son’s behavior.

He knew that Varun has started ignoring him and because of his arrogance, Varun’s father made up his mind that he can not live with his son anymore.

And looking at his son’s ill-mannered & Disrespectful behavior he finally made decisions to leave Varun and stay alone in the village.

But he thought to hide his Decision from Varun as he may get hurt. So Varun’s father decided to wait till the next morning and tell him that he wanted to go from there and live in their village.

In the evening when Varun came back home, he said to his father that he wanted to take him for an outing. Varun’s father felt so happy that he immediately got up from his bed.

And got ready as he was very excited to spend some quality time with his son. Varun who had already made up his mind to take his father for a long walk and leave him on the way.

father son inspirational stories

Father Son Inspirational Story

Varun’s father started picking up all the wooden sticks and kept aside on the road. Leaving a gap and keeping sticks one after the other on the road.

Seeing his father doing this, Varun was very clueless. But he was very curious to know why his father kept the woods like that.

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On asking him his father slightly smiled and said “My dear son when you were a kid I used to do the same thing. So that If you, unfortunately, miss the way, you can easily get the right path because of these woods”

And also said that Varun ” if you miss the path now you can easily get the way. Once you leave me you will become alone. So I don’t want my son to search for the road! ”

Then Varun realized that his father knows everything. Varun then hugged his father very tightly and They Both started weeping.

Varun’s father felt so sad because he can’t see his son crying in front of own happiness. He couldn’t see the tears rolling out his son’s eyes.

After that Varun decided to take care of his father as a little baby. Varun’s father felt really happy for his son’s behavior which had improved a lot. And the days went on with a huge smile on each other faces.

Father and Son- Heart Touching Story

Heart Touching Story of Parents Love

Moral of the story!

Never ever leave your parents, without them life is incomplete. And don’t forget that because of your parents you are in this world.

And also when you know we need them; our parents are always there for us whether it is a good or bad situation. They may be hard at words but definitely, they are soft at heart.

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