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Easter is a holy festival which is celebrated by all the churches around the world. Most Christians refer to the week before Easter as ‘Holy Week’.


But for many devoted Christians, The real focus of Easter is on Jesus’s Resurrection. Their belief that he died on the cross so that their own sins could be forgiven.

Maunday Thursday

Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday are called the Holy Triduum; which means “Three days.” Maunday Thursday which includes the last supper of Jesus with his disciples.

And Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus followed by Holy Saturday. Easter Sunday marks the end of lent which is a 40 days period of fasting & reflection.

According to The Bible, Easter is celebrated after Holy Saturday After Jesus’s crucifixion; his body was laid in the tomb. When Mary Magdalene came to visit the tomb, the tomb was empty.

An angel appeared & told her that Jesus had risen from death. That is why this festival celebrates the resurrection of Jesus & is considered as a rebirth of Christianity.

Easter Egg and Bunnies

While the emphasis is religious, Easter has become so heavily commercialized these days that the stardom springs about the supermarket. To load the aisle with Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies, Cards, foods &  springs daffodils.

Easter Egg

Easter is celebrated after Holy Saturday, which is the last day of the Triduum in the holy week & the 40 days Lenten fast, which commemorates Jesus lying in the tomb.

Holy Saturday is the day to be observed to be quite as possible, where Christians reflect on the passion, suffering & the death of Jesus Christ & how he finally laid & rested in his tomb.

No services are held on this day. The worshippers spend the day quietly reflecting & this leads into the Easter vigil.


EasterVigil is known as the mother of all the vigils. On this night Christians all over the world will gather in the dark the darkness representing some more reflection of the day.

The reason why the vigils take place during the night because it is believed to coincide with Jesus’s resurrection which also occurred during the night.

During this night worshippers silently pray & focus on the hours, when they believed Jesus slowly came back to life. They also celebrate his profound sacrifice for their sins.

The EasterVigil begins with the lighting of new flame or fire which represents Jesus’s return from darkness & death bringing with him, with the new light of hope & salvation through his resurrection.

Many Christians worldwide celebrate with special church services, flowers, music, hymns, candlelight & the ringing of church bells.

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