Cute Short Love Story of Ankit & Tanya

Read the Indian cute short love story of Ankit and Tanya. Ankit starts like Tanya at first look on Instagram. Ankit understands that love is more important than expressing love.

Cute Short Love Story

Instagram, one of the most popular websites among youth nowadays. There is hardly anyone who has not heard of it. My story is also related to this.

Hai, My name is Ankit Sahu from Ganjam, Odisha. Last year of  Mechanical Engineer there getting a girl is very rare. but fortunately, I Found who is Very Beautiful and Cute.

The story began about a year ago, She was in my college. Her name was ‘Tanya’. Neither of us knew each other nor had we ever seen each other.

One day, while checking out my Instagram, I saw that a friend of mine ‘Abhi’ had shared one pic with his friends. Tanya was also in the picture.

Checking Out Instagram

While Checking Out my Instagram

When I saw her, I liked her at first glance, I fell in love with her like never before. I asked my friend about Tanya, he said that her name is ‘Tanya’ and she is my friend and my classmate too.

She was studying Computer Engineering. Don’t know why but, I liked her very much. A few days later I dared to send her  ‘Friend Request’ but she did not accept my friend request 🙁

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I felt a little bad, but I forgot that. A few days later a cultural fest took place in our college. The cultural festival of our college was famous all over the city. Everyone fiercely participated.

I participated in that too. I was very fond of singing along with my team. we prepared a song for the performance at the cultural festival.

When the festival took place, some participants performed a drama, some danced and some entertained people through their Jokes. But our song was different.

When we narrated our song to the people, then every person who was present there, They liked our song very much. It was raining like applause. Incidentally, she was also present there but I did not know this.

narrated our song to the people

Narrated Our Song to The People

After a few days, while I was Scrolling Instagram post, I got a message from Tanya Bajaj. In the message, she praised my song very much and praised me as well.

I also replied to her message by writing a thank you and praised her beauty. She also liked it very much. Gradually, we got chatting on Instagram.

We used to talk day and night. She started to know me and I started to know her. There would be some sour things between us and some sweet things.

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She also liked to talk with me. There was a time when the day we did not talk to each other, the day seemed somewhat incomplete, Something is missing in our life.

We were talking on Instagram for almost two months. I really love her from the bottom of my heart but never told her. One day I dared to share my feeling with her.

Share my Feeling with Her

Share my Feeling with Her

And finally said, ‘Tanya, I love you so much, from my Bottom of Heart. ‘After reading the message, I got no reply. One day has passed, another day also passed but there was no response, these days were very tough for me.

I realized that maybe I did wrong by express my feelings to her, at least we were Good Friends. The very next morning a delivery guy came to my house with a  gift

And said ‘Someone has sent this Gift for you with Great love’ and guy left. I saw the gift, then suddenly my cell phone beeped, when I shaw, that Tanya’s message on Instagram.

It was written in the message that ‘love is more important than expressing love‘. Love is a feeling, there is no need to express it. I Love you right from the first day.

I was very happy after reading these massages. As got my first true love that day. The mouth should have been sweet on this, so there were lots of chocolates in the gift.

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